What is the EmW Peace Perspective?

EmW Peace is a teaching of Self-discovery from a Eurasian woman born in the 1950s who realised that her colour, creed and cultural beliefs had NOTHING to do with who she really was… she realised that in her search for God she projected preconceived cultural meaning onto the world’s great spiritual texts in order to satisfy her search for truth.

The spiritual search is the innate quest for the authentic SELF.

Why  and What are we seeking?

We seek to feel whole. To find the missing “something”. To alleviate an inner emptiness or futility.

We study and practise hard across one or more disciplines to find God.

But we ARE that which we SEEK.

What is wrong with looking to find answers? to find peace?

Nothing. Except the looking is in the wrong direction.

Abiding peace cannot be found on the pages of the holiest of texts in any of the great religions.

The passion to find inner peace is God Himself.

 Because what is sought is always PRESENT. 

Through the eyes of fusion

Through the the eyes of Selima’s cultural fusion.

From DEEP understanding of how misleading it is to seek outside of the self  by absorbing exotic teachings and spirituality, Selima  plunges into the core of WHO you really are…

Do not be blinded by exoticism, ancient languages and rituals. They can lead you away from your true SELF.

Why is EmW different?

EmW is not different. The teaching is seen from the perspective of a woman who carries both oriental and occidental cultural norms in her own individuality.

Selima sees the wonderful richness of culture, creed and faith as unique to the individual – his personal expression of life. However, these facets will disguise the true nature of what lies within. It’s all coating, veiling, colour wash.

Selima, whose parents were from India and Europe, saw this back in the 1950s.

The kingdom is indeed WITHIN…