About Selima

Selima Gurtler


Selima Gurtler is a Eurasian born in London in 1956 to an Indian muslim and a British/French catholic. She has travelled the world for over 40 years, living on three different continents, and has lived in over 35 homes as of 2017.

As a child, she suffered severe racial prejudice and isolation from the bigotry shown to her parents in London, and endured the damning shame and outcasting from the Britain of that uncompromising era when mixed-marriages were an absolute taboo, and illegal in some countries. During her childhood she would regularly fall into spontaneous samadhi without understanding the profundity of what this would mean to her later in life.

Dislocated as neither a European nor Indian child in London just after the British Empire lost India, Selima sought to understand herself within her cross-cultural heritage, and this profound psychological search for her true self, God and inner peace led her finally to realise the answer to the question, “Who am I?” when she experienced a dramatic spiritual awakening in response to relentless emotional trauma – a process which lasted over 4 years as she coped with the monumental re-wiring of her energetic system after the energy field of her illusory self fell away.

A Jnana yogi who now sometimes teaches a class or two of Hatha, she is a honours graduate in Art History and Philosophy.  She trained as a classical guitarist and was briefly semi-professional in her twenties; she speaks 4 foreign languages and has a great love and knowledge of music and art, and possesses a lifelong understanding and knowledge of Western rational thought, traditions and psychology and Eastern culture, with its mystical and spiritual teachings.

Equally, she is practical, purposeful and pragmatic having worked in the Banking Sector, Corporate Marketing and, because of her command of language, she was in demand as a Copy-Writer for the Beauty Industry and other related sectors. She was a Creative Consultant for many charitable projects and artistic endeavours, and these are constant and ongoing.

She has written her entire life; sometimes professionally, other times for the pure joy or comedy of the written word. She is known for her intellectual and incisive ability to pin down a subtle spiritual concept and minimise its complexity to deliver its exact meaning in uncomplicated terms, both in the written and spoken word. She particularly loves to write poetically to inspire and uplift from suffering into beauty and joy. She has also been a single parent for over 20 years.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu honoured her perspective by becoming patrons of her Foundation in 2006 and 2009.