Tears of a Solitary Parent

I see You on the distant horizon at that line between sea and sky Just can I see You, but only just. Is it You? Above the smoke which separates land and Lord Somewhere You are there. You are, I know. I  will soon have to go, and here I ask Your time The burning,...

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What is God?

  The ineffable. One-liner. Star player when you're deeply in love. Come on, you know it.   Selima Gurtler is a spiritual writer, philosopher, poet and Jnana yogi. Her modern teachings to Self-Realization and Liberation are uniquely flavoured through the perceptive...

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Rivers, Mountains and Stones

EAST END OF LONDON,  JACK THE RIPPER and the Whitechapel murders. The Poor Houses of the 19th century. It is a troubled part of town even today with a high percentage of impoverished ethnic minorities. But - the Rolling Stones. There I was last night at the Olympic...

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