In 1999, my greatest desire was to create a beautiful expression of God in all His glory and manifestations by explaining and teaching the oneness and similarities of the world’s religions. Absolutely inspired, I founded a non-profit organisation and self-funded my marketing and overheads, feeling adequately qualified to do this as a Eurasian born in 1956 in London. I called my concept the East meets West Peace Foundation (EmW).

The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu saw my vision and graciously gave their names to my fledgling organisation, but it spectacularly failed. This was mainly because I was a single mother who could not travel to teach, show and point the way; and people simply did not understand what I meant by spiritual energy patterns – East, West or both –  in those days; i.e. beliefs about God, moral and social conditionings, etc. How we have evolved since the early part of this century!

In 2012, a series of events dramatically changed the way I viewed the world, and it was agonisingly clear that I could not continue with my vision. If I could teach at all, it would have to come from a RADICALLY different perspective because I was living in an unknown world which I was attempting to understand and integrate. Again, I was a fledgling learning to fly over unknown waters as I adjusted body/mind to try to ground myself.

I have changed the old EmW to East meets West Peace Perspective and dropped the non-profit status. My website and my service is all that is required now for the moment until something greater becomes obvious. Just recently, I was given the grace to sit face to face with a Zen Master and Professor of Zen studies in Japan with whom I discussed enlightenment of the dramatic kind, and how to bring authentic and contemporary service to humanity in the wake of realisation.

Below is a book I wrote before I underwent my particular wipeout. It is interesting for me to see the before and after shift in energetics and belief systems. It is an expression of poetry and love most surely, but also based on a dual love of God and the idea of a soul seeking to find Him. In those days at the beginning of this century, I would have been outraged at the idea of no soul, with a reaction akin to how I would deal with a blasphemer. The bald facts of the matter are that today I know there is no soul. What we understand as a soul is in fact the Ultimate Itself seeking outward expression to know Itself. In practical terms, there is nothing but emptiness full to the brim, if not overflowing, with the joyful and creative Ultimate dancing wildly to Its cosmic will and whim. The idea of emptiness being overflowing is the greatest spiritual paradox of all. It is the ultimate mystery itself.

Papa, Who Am I? 

Offered with love

My perspective and work in the world has taken much longer than I thought, with impossible twists and turns, relationships and responsibilities that had to come first as a householder, mother and woman, but the mist is clearing with a 50-mile vista ahead as I stand on top of my mountain with arms at full stretch and head pointing to the heavens in full glory, and singing gratitude wildly and uncontrollably, at full roaring crescendo for this unbelievable moment and this most exquisite, blessed life.

Come and join me.

With love and joy,